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*Copywriting (Photo credit: Bazstyle | Photography)

I have written copy in one form or another, for over 20 years.  I started out writing my copy for both my insurance business and my business consulting practice.  Then I wrote the material and teaching aids for my Small Business Entrepreneur Course.  Gradually, I shifted into writing copy for other companies and then when websites came into existence, I wrote the content for both my websites as well as those for other companies.  I have worked for large corporations, sole practitioners and small businesses.

My websites – www.Write4Me.net and www.GAClark.com have more information about my business and what I do, so I won’t bore you any farther except to say that this is a fantastic business, one that is never boring, and one that has given me and others like me, a very good career.  I am not filthy rich, but I have no thoughts of retiring even though I could.  Why should I?  I enjoy the life style of a person who enjoys life to its fullest.  No need to retire from that.  At this stage however, it is time to pass on some of what I know.  Perhaps this blog – while not massive in volume, will help you get started in what I consider is an excellent career.  Mind you however,  this is a business – not a hobby.  Treat it as such.  Study business in addition to learning about copywriting and learn what to charge for your work.  Self-employment is not easy, but it is also not that hard once you understand the fundamentals.  Do all copywriters a favor and run your copywriting business as a business and charge appropriately.  If you have problems with how to set your rates, ask me and I will point you in the right direction.   Good Luck to you.

Gary A. Clark  GAClark@Write4Me.net


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